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Mothers of Misfits Podcast Episode 1

1: College Misfit: Student By Day… Entrepreneur By Night | Cameron Suorsa

entrepreneurship Mar 03, 2020


Cameron Suorsa shares what it is like to be a misfit in college. Studying Entrepreneurship at Grove City College, he also works with Emily as an intern at Launch Consulting. True to his entrepreneurial nature, Cameron started an E-Commerce business during his freshman year, in which he sells clothing on Amazon.


  • “Being a misfit is just how we naturally interact with our environments.” – Cameron Suorsa
  • “I’m not talking about smarts here, but it’s proven through research that only 20% of the population shares the hard wiring of the teachers. Basically, only 20% learn the way the teachers learn and therefore teach.” – Emily Melious
  • “If you’re studying something like entrepreneurship in college, if you’re not thinking about dropping out every day, you’re not really an entrepreneur.” – Cameron Suorsa


  • 9:46-11:36 – Why can’t you just stick with something and the struggles of having an entrepreneurial child
  • 17:14-21:50 – What being a misfit is like in college
  • 24:06-26:42 – How to help your student figure out who they are
  • 27:03-31:22 – Cameron’s advice for parents with misfit kids


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