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Mothers of Misfits
Show Finale: Celebrating 100 Episodes | Emily Melious, Cameron Suorsa, Olivia Whiteman

Show Finale: Celebrating 100 Episodes | Emily Melious, Cameron Suorsa, Olivia Whiteman

college community education entrepreneurship process Apr 05, 2022

The M.O.M. Team celebrates reaching 100 episodes of the Mothers of Misfits podcast and reminisces about their journey. You don't want to miss this final send off from Emily!


  • "I was inspired by the fact that I've felt like a misfit my whole life. I was raised to really embrace that and see the good in that. But I've had the pleasure of coaching people from all walks of life and ages and stages, and I've met a lot of amazing misfits. But what has really broken my heart over that time is how many of those fabulous misfits didn't see that as a good thing or made to not see that as a good thing. And that's really where Mothers of Misfits was born." - Emily Melious 
  • "There have definitely been quite a few crazy things that have happened over the course of two years. But if I was to narrow down to one category of things would definitely be how it is that we've been able to release an episode every Tuesday morning, every week, because to do that takes a lot of planning and a workflow... but it also translates to a lot of late nights, and at some points all nighters!" - Cameron Suorsa
  • "It made me appreciate a lot of really well done and really popular podcasts. I can only imagine how many people are working on them and how much work is going into it, because it is kind of crazy. You do underestimate the amount of things that have to go right." - Olivia Whiteman


  • 01:18 End of an Era

  • 03:55 Cameron Suorsa - Producer

  • 06:40 Olivia Whiteman - Marketer
  • 09:47 Craziest thing to do for this podcast?

  • 14:35 What have you learned the most from working on Mothers of Misfits?

  • 16:12 Signing off for the final time





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