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Mothers of Misfits Podcast Episode 10

10: A Misfit on a Mission | Daniel Botero

entrepreneurship May 05, 2020


Daniel Botero talks openly about his entrepreneurial journey and many “misfit” adventures. Despite not always fitting into the classroom, he is now on a mission to help students master their transition from college to career.


  • “I just tried to solve problems so that I could make money.” – Daniel Botero
  • “The one skill that I’ve always had was networking, just people skills. And I think that comes from reading a bunch of books and having a lot of mentors.” – Daniel Botero
  • “Parents should look to what their kids are willing to put effort into and praise that.” – Emily Melious
  • “If I poke fun at myself first, no one else can really make fun of me.” – Daniel Botero
  • “I went to college because that’s where society pushed me.” – Daniel Botero
  • “I advise parents who are listening who don’t share the same MO with their kids, to seek out common ground and then let them be free to be themselves.” – Emily Melious


  • 1:39-8:30 – Daniel’s background
  • 10:20-14:18 – What to do when your child struggles in school
  • 16:42-20:48 – Why college students should embrace what makes them different
  • 30:21-33:59 – Graduating in a COVID-19 world



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