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Mothers of Misfits Podcast Episode 13

13: The Dangers of Living a Distracted Life | Ashley Avinashi

living distracted process May 26, 2020


With all the new demands of managing a household during #Covid19, many parents are feeling frazzled. But even before the “new normal,” a lot of parents expected themselves to be all things to all people. Ashley Avinashi shares the dangers of living a distracted life and how to be fully present with our kids.


  • “Little did I know that the kids box cannot be checked as every other box had been checked, and it was the one time in my life that I felt totally out of control.” – Ashley Avinashi
  • “We’re not really diving into the real process, which is to slow down and start to become aware of what we’re actually believing to be true about our lives.” – Ashley Avinashi
  • “95% of our beliefs are deeply imprinted in us. They are stored in our cellular memory, they are in our physical body.” – Ashley Avinashi




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