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15: How to Foster Your Child’s Greatness Within | Yael Walfish

15: How to Foster Your Child’s Greatness Within | Yael Walfish

positivity process Jun 09, 2020

As a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, Yael Walfish works with kids who are considered to be “lost causes.” She transforms their behavior with the power of positivity. Listen to learn Yael’s simple, yet powerful 3-part process for fostering the greatness within our kids.


  • “A lot of the labels that are given are well intention, but it certainly can have this incredibly negative effect on the child’s sense of self worth.” – Yael Walfish
  • “When we catch the moment and we create that moment of success, then build that moment and help a child see that as their identity, that absolutely impacts their inner world or their self esteem.” – Yael Walfish
  • “Everyone already has what they need to thrive. It’s just sometimes we have to dig a little to uncover it because it’s been piled over with all of the labels and bad experiences they had.” – Emily Melious
  • “I want to say to the parents, don’t give up.” – Yael Walfish




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