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16: Is College For Entrepreneurs? | Professor Tim Sweet

16: Is College For Entrepreneurs? | Professor Tim Sweet

college entrepreneurship Jun 16, 2020

Professor Tim Sweet is the Chair of the Entrepreneurship Department of Grove City College. He talks with Emily about why entrepreneurs should pursue a college degree, even though they may not feel “cut out” for higher ed. Tim also shares why it’s important for everyone to have an entrepreneurial spirit – now more than ever.

Learn more about Entrepreneurship at Grove City College or reach out directly to Tim via email!


  • “Entrepreneurship has always been a part of our culture. It’s always been a part of who we are as people who love liberty and want to make an impact on the world.” – Tim Sweet
  • “Even if you have the 9 to 5, you still have something entrepreneurial in your life.” – Emily Melious
  • “You can have all the skills in the world, but if you don’t understand why, you know, what your purpose is, what your calling is, what your passion is, why you get out of bed every morning, those skills aren’t going to do you much good.” – Emily Melious
  • “An educated Entrepreneur is going to be much more effective than someone who has to make a lot of mistakes in order to get there.” – Tim Sweet


  • 0:51-7:31 – How the college landscape changed as a result of COVID-19
  • 15:04-17:35 – Defining an Entrepreneur
  • 19:38-25:01 – What if your child wants to start their own business?
  • 26:17-27:56 – How to learn more about the Entrepreneurship program at Grove City College



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