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18: How to Get the Behavior You Want from Your Kids | Ty Krueger

18: How to Get the Behavior You Want from Your Kids | Ty Krueger

behavior positivity process Jun 30, 2020

Do behavior issues lead to constant battles in your household? Ty Krueger, co-founder of the Behavior Change Collective, shares how to get the behavior you want in your kids without a shouting match.


  • “It is never too late for positive interactions.” – Emily Melious
  • “The problem with corporal punishment is a scientific principle call habituation. As people experience more and more punishment, as you yell at someone, it might scare them the first time, but the second or third or forth time, it’s not as scary.” – Ty Krueger
  • “These aren’t bad kids. They’re not doing it because they don’t respect you, because they don’t listen to you, or they don’t like you. They’re doing it because it’s helping them get what they want and what they need in the only way that they’ve been shown.” – Ty Krueger
  • “When you let emotion creep in, and you let it start to affect the way that you look at things, you’re in a tough spot and you’re not really in the spot to make a change.” – Ty Krueger


  • 3:38-6:28 – Why corporal punishment and timeouts don’t work
  • 7:30-9:14 – Behavior is behavior
  • 11:06-13:38 – The dangers of labels
  • 14:20-19:08 – The importance of physical activity
  • 19:17-22:22 – 3 simple things to help bring peace and joy to your home



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