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Mothers of Misfits Podcast Episode 2

2: Mothering Misfits: How to raise kids who were born to stand out | Lindi McCaffrey

raising tactile kids Mar 10, 2020


Lindi McCaffrey shares practical parenting strategies for kids who are innovative and tactile by nature. She is the mom to Flynn and Avalene, two amazing children who don’t always fit “the mold” – and we love that about them! Lindi is also on the Launch Consulting team, serving as a Student Advocate.


  • “Why fit in when you’re born to stand out?” – Emily Melious


  • 1:43-5:51 – The Kolbe Index Assessment and how it helped Lindi
  • 8:23-15:20 – Disassembling a couch and different versions of organized
  • 18:37-26:41 – Gamification and Competitive Children



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