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Mothers of Misfits
22: An Adoptive Mom’s Story | Erin Hull

22: An Adoptive Mom’s Story | Erin Hull

adoption Jul 28, 2020

After years of struggling with infertility, Erin and Andrew Hull decided to pursue adoption. Listen as Erin talks with Emily about the unexpected and incredible ways her two children entered her life.


  • “We never made it to the airport and instead turned around and held her baby girl, four hours after she was born.” – Erin Hull
  • “We’re trusting what we believe and who God is in this situation, instead of what, you know, our family members may think.” – Erin Hull
  • “If you’re pursuing adoption, go, don’t quit. Don’t give up.” – Erin Hull


  • 1:10-6:01 – Growing a family
  • 6:49-8:47 – Finding the balance between family and your family
  • 10:31-14:48 – Adding another family member
  • 14:49-17:15 – Challenges of being an adoptive parent
  • 17:16-18:15 – Knowing adoption is part of the story
  • 18:32-20:01 – The greatest joys of adoption
  • 20:01-21:57 – Open vs. closed adoption
  • 21:58-22:45 – Advice for those considering adoption


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