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Mothers of Misfits
23: An Entrepreneur Who Embraces Being a Misfit | Kaelon Egan

23: An Entrepreneur Who Embraces Being a Misfit | Kaelon Egan

entrepreneurship Aug 04, 2020

Kaelon Egan founded, grew, and sold his first company all before his 35th birthday. Kaelon speaks openly about feeling like a misfit in school, but finding his “sweet spot” in entrepreneurship.


  • “I think a lot of people can identify with your experience first hand, or there are moms and dads out there that have kids that are a lot like you. And frankly, they’re probably just wondering, is my child going to be ok? Is this all going to work out in the end?” – Emily Melious
  • “Identifying as a misfit for me is not taking life too seriously and learning as you go, making mistakes. That to me, I think, encompasses what may be considered more of a misfit.” – Kaelon Egan
  • “Part of the reason why I feel I fit into the entrepreneurial camp is because I feel like I am unwilling to allow conditions or others control what I do.” – Kaelon Egan
  • “I feel like I can always see exactly where I’m going, but boy, communicating that can be really, really difficult.” – Kaelon Egan
  • “Most of us, sadly, for much of our lives, are never taught how we naturally problem solve. We talk a lot about personality traits. We obviously talk a lot about skills because that’s what school is about. But we need to have an awareness as early on as possible in our lives about how we naturally move through the world, how we naturally contribute.” – Emily Melious
  • “Here’s what it boils down to in my mind, trust your gut. When we go against our gut, we usually lose.” – Emily Melious
  • “It’s ok to make mistakes as long as you can learn from them.” – Kaelon Egan
  • “I think that’s probably some of the best advice that I could give for what it’s worth. I think encouraging critical thinking, encouraging a deeper understanding, and a deeper learning of every topic that they’re interested in.” – Kaelon Egan


  • 1:01 – Identifying with the word misfit
  • 8:46 – The struggle of a forward thinker
  • 12:03 – A parenting perspective
  • 15:39 – How to create a personalized learning experience
  • 20:22 – Applying life experiences to parenting
  • 25:09 – Dealing with imposter syndrome
  • 29:04 – Advice for parents


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