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Mothers of Misfits
25: Empowering Kids to Thrive in School and Life | Kathy Kolbe

25: Empowering Kids to Thrive in School and Life | Kathy Kolbe

instincts kolbe Aug 18, 2020

Kathy Kolbe is is an acclaimed theorist, bestselling author, and pioneer in her field. She was the first to prove the existence of the conative mental faculty. Listen in as Emily and Kathy offer advice on helping children thrive by unleashing their instinctual strengths.

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  • “We’re different in our conative instincts. Just as we differ in our personalities, and the affective part of the brain, and then how we learn.” – Kathy Kolbe
  • “I will guarantee every listener here has as much creativity as Michelangelo or Steve Jobs or anybody else.” – Kathy Kolbe
  • “I believe wholeheartedly that until or unless we discover our conative strengths, we are kept from reaching our full potential.” – Emily Melious
  • “If we could get rid of the textbooks, all of education would improve.” – Kathy Kolbe


  • 1:57 – The conative part of the mind
  • 5:29 – Action modes
  • 15:07 – Will there be chaos in the schools?
  • 17:44 – How to advocate for your misfit
  • 26:47 – Adapting to a new school year
  • 30:30 – Different schools for different MOs
  • 36:59 – Where we learn the most
  • 39:56 – Resources and a special offer



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