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26: Helping Your Kids Know They Matter | Zach Mercurio

26: Helping Your Kids Know They Matter | Zach Mercurio

positivity process Aug 25, 2020

Zach Mercurio is an expert on the topic of mattering. In this episode, he and Emily discuss why it’s vital for our kids to feel they matter. Zach also shares the 3-step formula for cultivating a sense of mattering in others. 


  • “Mattering is a feeling that can be cultivated. It’s one of the most powerful concepts and forces in human life that is largely dependent on how others treat us.” – Zach Mercurio
  • “We as parents can cultivated that in our kids, we as people of any age can create that impact on somebody else.” – Emily Melious
  • “If only some people are essential, then others are non-essential, and that’s making a judgement about the value of their work, thus the value of who they are.” – Emily Melious


  • 1:55 – Why is it important for people to feel like they matter?
  • 7:02 – The education system is dangerous
  • 10:46 – The 3 part formula to mattering
  • 18:29 – Words matter
  • 21:29 – The importance of smiling
  • 28:02 – Is there a window of opportunity?



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