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Mothers of Misfits Podcast Episode 3

3: From Misfit to Principal: A principal’s honest take on the educational system | Brandon McCall

education Mar 17, 2020


A self-described disruptor, Brandon McCall discusses how the current school system underserves “outlier” students, and how this led him to found Cornerstone Prep to create an educational experience that serves ALL kids. He shares his criticisms of the current model as well as his big vision for educating tomorrow’s workforce.


  • “Every one of my siblings, we never fit a mold. We are some crazy people!” – Brandon McCall
  • “I wasn’t good at school. I was smart. I was a wild underachiever when it came to academics.” – Brandon McCall
  • “I felt like I was at a crossroads where I was like, am I stupid?” – Brandon McCall
  • “Only 20% of kids are wired to do well in school.” – Emily Melious
  • “We need to be telling our kids, particularly our misfits that they have something to offer.” – Emily Melious
  • “We’re not advocating for an easier path, just a better path.” – Brandon McCall
  • “I think we need to share our failures more. We need to be more proud of the ‘look, I was bad at this, this is what I could have done better.'” – Brandon McCall


  • 1:10-3:03 – How Brandon’s mom dealt with schoolwork
  • 5:03-10:00 – Brandon’s experience at school as a misfit
  • 10:22-13:00 – What is happening in the education system?
  • 13:35-16:04 – Authentic education
  • 17:36-19:26 – Education system vs. school system
  • 20:18-23:52 – Preparing your kids for the world
  • 33:39-34:14 – Cornerstone Prep



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