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32: A Mom’s Open Letter: The Struggles of Virtual Learning | Tori Mikos

32: A Mom’s Open Letter: The Struggles of Virtual Learning | Tori Mikos

covid-19 education virtual learning struggles Oct 06, 2020

Tori Mikos is a SAHM and the author of the Politics of Parenting blog. She was blown away when her open letter about the struggles of virtual went viral, even garnering the attention of Good Morning America.


  • “I feel held hostage in my own home. I cannot take my kids on a bike ride or to the park for recess or on a picnic for lunch because every child has a unique schedule.” – Tori Mikos
  • “Parents know what is best for their children and we are going to fight to make things right.” – Tori Mikos
  • “Teachers are working twice as hard to make half the difference for the same pay.” – Tori Mikos
  • “Did you realize that students that once loved school, cry each morning, absolutely hating their new normal? Was that part of the plan?” – Tori Mikos
  • “I am begging you to listen. Put kids back in school, end 2020 as normally as it possibly can be, listen to your teachers, listen to your families, and put your political agendas aside.” – Tori Mikos
  • “A lot of people are like, well why did you choose virtual? We didn’t have a choice.” – Tori Mikos
  • “I would like to go back to normal as much as possible. No masks, five days a week, no social distancing.” – Tori Mikos


  • 1:40 – How Tori is schooling her kids
  • 2:35 – A conversation with her son
  • 3:42 – The letter that reached millions
  • 10:36 – The public reaction to the letter
  • 15:53 – The response from administration
  • 23:22 – What should the future look like?



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