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34: Does Your Child Feel Like a Misfit in the Job Market? | Austin Belcak

34: Does Your Child Feel Like a Misfit in the Job Market? | Austin Belcak

jobs process Oct 20, 2020

Getting a job was already hard enough, then a global pandemic hit. Austin Belcak, founder of, helps people land jobs they love without traditional experience and without applying online. He and Emily talk through a proven, game-changing process for getting hired. 


  • “You have about a 2% or less chance of getting in the door when you apply online.” – Austin Belcak
  • “It’s really hard to convey your value accurately when we’re using this medium or this language that we don’t use anywhere else, and we’re not super familiar with it.” – Austin Belcak
  • “The biggest issue comes down to the fact that one, we don’t have a great way to clarify our value and make it understood. And then two, we are forced to play into this system, that a robot is essentially deciding who’s qualified and who’s not.” – Austin Belcak
  • “You’re not even getting to a human until most of the resumes have been totally filtered through. You’re already out of the process. And if you don’t know the rules of the game, the game is already working against all of us.” – Emily Melious
  • “Where are the hires coming from? If you look at the data, it’s really referrals. Word of mouth, networking, whatever you want to call it.” – Austin Belcak
  • “It’s the principles of relationship building more so than job seeking, or at least job seeking comes after there’s some sort of established relationship there.” – Emily Melious


  • 2:18 – First job search experience
  • 5:49 – Why applying online doesn’t work
  • 12:48 – A better job search process
  • 16:34 – Taking the first step: Networking
  • 25:22 – The next step: Value Validation Project
  • 32:34 – How can you get in touch with Austin?



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