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38: The Life Autistic | Hunter Hansen

38: The Life Autistic | Hunter Hansen

autism special needs Nov 17, 2020

Hunter Hansen was diagnosed with autism at age 16. Today, he is a full-time data visualization professional, husband, and father. He shares his personal journey of initially struggling with the label to now openly advocating for the autistic community.


  • “I was young and I didn’t realize that hey, I’m not deficient, I’m different.” – Hunter Hansen
  • “I am normalizing something that was once way more stigmatized than it is, to where autistic people have stable jobs.” – Hunter Hansen


  • 2:25 – Why there’s not an adult voice in the autistic world
  • 5:06 – The journey of being diagnosed
  • 11:14 – Speaking out
  • 17:29 – How the autism stigma has changed over time
  • 21:45 – How we can make progress
  • 26:51 – Advice for parents



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