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Mothers of Misfits Podcast Episode 4

4: Corporate Misfit: When your child isn’t cut out for a traditional career | Alex Kuhn

entrepreneurship Mar 24, 2020


Alex Kuhn shares how you can foster the entrepreneurial strengths of your child, and his personal story of quitting his “normal” job to become an international business coach.


  • “Every time a car came down the road, I put my sign in the middle, the cars would break and they might scream, ‘what the heck are you doing?!’ And I’d say buy a cucumber, and that was my first ‘business job’ in life.” – Alex Kuhn
  • “It’s important for anybody of any age, especially kids, to talk about the end results, not how we get there.” – Emily Melious
  • “Having the ability to be tenacious with what I was passionate about, allowed me and gave me this intuitive skill to truly tap into what other people’s intuitive desires, dreams, and goals were.” – Alex Kuhn
  • “I think that most leaders in general, specifically entrepreneurial leaders, are misfits.” – Alex Kuhn


  • 1:18-8:04 – Alex’s experience at school as a misfit
  • 13:28-14:09 – Misfits as leaders
  • 16:02-19:50 – Jumping into the game of entrepreneurship
  • 21:07-31:12 – How can parents trust their misfit kids?



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