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40: Battling Limiting Beliefs | Jennifer Beitz

40: Battling Limiting Beliefs | Jennifer Beitz

confidence Dec 01, 2020

Jennifer Beitz admits that she wasn’t always a rockstar parent, especially in the early years. However, through self reflection and dealing with her limiting beliefs, she grew into a confident mother. Listen as Jennifer shares how to do the necessary “inner work” to thrive as a parent.


  • “I knew when it came time for me to raise my children, that I would not discipline using violence, and yet my children still needed to be disciplined.” – Jennifer Beitz
  • “My motto is that the lack of conversations equals a lack of confidence in our children, and a lack of education.” – Jennifer Beitz
  • “I remember reaching out to my mom. I was postpartum with my second child, not really feeling like I’ve got this yet, and she basically said that she had raised her children already and that it was my turn to do this.” – Jennifer Beitz
  • “I was constantly met with ‘should’. You should be doing this. You should be doing that. And that really pierced my heart. They didn’t know that here I was raising my children the best that I thought I could in different ways than I was raised and how difficult that was, only to be in an environment with other moms that were ‘should-ing’ me.” – Jennifer Beitz
  • “Sometimes we’re not looking for fixes. We’re not looking for solutions. We’re looking for a listening ear. We’re looking for empathy. We’re looking for someone to say, I understand that’s hard, that’s tough, motherhood’s tough.” – Emily Melious
  • “Oftentimes we go inside and we berate ourselves. We tear ourselves down for not being a better parent. And my question is, a better parent to who? Who are we comparing ourselves to?” – Jennifer Beitz


  • 1:18 – A not so perfect parenting beginning
  • 3:18 – Breaking patterns
  • 8:06 – Isolation that came with a different parenting style
  • 11:19 – Parenting a misfit while searching for community
  • 16:34 – Limiting beliefs
  • 22:57 – Starting your inner work
  • 27:49 – Get in touch with Jennifer



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