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Mothers of Misfits
42: When Your Child Sees Risk as a Necessity | Blain Wease

42: When Your Child Sees Risk as a Necessity | Blain Wease

entrepreneurship Dec 15, 2020

Blain Wease felt like a misfit from the very beginning of his life. He’s a natural risk taker who didn’t fit in with his family, at school, or a “traditional” job. In adulthood, he found the freedom to be himself and is now thriving as a father, husband, and entrepreneur.


  • “A lack of risk for me equals boredom and boredom creates a tremendous discontent and dissatisfaction internally because I have to be challenged.” – Blain Wease
  • “I can’t fake interest, I can only create interest in something if I see purpose in it.” – Blain Wease
  • “So much of the academic world, to me, has no purpose. It’s learning for the sake of learning, which I don’t relate to. I don’t have a grid for that.” – Blain Wease


  • 1:02 – Being a Canadian with an American mind
  • 2:42 – Growing up in a house without risk
  • 8:11 – Finding an outlet for risk-taking
  • 12:57 – Changing the future of the education system
  • 20:59 – Letting your kids fail


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