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Mothers of Misfits Podcast Episode 5

5: How to Instill Confidence in Your Kids | Amanda Yarger

confidence education homeschooling top 10 episodes 2022 Mar 31, 2020


Amanda Yarger speaks about her “misfit” educational and career track, particularly her experiences as a homeschooler. She credits the confidence she developed early on to chart her own course in life.


  • “Homeschooling taught me some wonderful things that have served me really well in my career now.” – Amanda Yarger
  • “I tease my mom because we were never home when we were homeschooled. She had us in, I think every club and we were very, very social and truly, involved in a million different things.” – Amanda Yarger
  • “Confidence doesn’t come from not failing. Confidence comes from a belief that we inherently have something to contribute, a value that’s independent of whether we succeed or fail.” – Emily Melious


  • 2:35-5:43 – Amanda’s homeschooling experience
  • 7:02-11:02 – Amanda’s public school experience
  • 13:53-17:15 – How homeschooling helped Amanda advocate for herself
  • 23:36-28:16 – Amanda’s advice for parents with kids who might not be cut out for college


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