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51: How to Help Our Kids Excel in School | Alexis Peterson

51: How to Help Our Kids Excel in School | Alexis Peterson

education Feb 16, 2021

Alexis Peterson is a Stanford- and Harvard-educated private tutor with over 19 years of professional tutoring experience. She scored a perfect 1600 on the SAT as a junior in high school and has amassed an extensive resume of perfect and 99th percentile test scores since. Alexis shares tips and tricks to help your kids actually ENJOY learning and test prep: a goal that’s more achievable than one might think!


  • “It’s virtually impossible to tailor a lesson to every student’s learning style.” – Alexis Peterson
  • “The difference between a tutor and a parent is that a tutor, we’re not intervening with any of the judgement that perhaps if a student tells their parent, I got a 50 on this exam and I got a 50 because I honestly didn’t do any of the reading, and also I forgot I had an exam that day. The parent tends to react as a parent first, whereas as a tutor, my reaction is not one of disciplinary action. Mine is, okay, that is a reasonable reason to get a 50 on an exam. To me, what I’m hearing is it’s probably not a conceptual issue, but maybe more of an organizational issue.” – Alexis Peterson
  • “I have always appreciated compliments more when I was complimented on something that I had to choose to do or something that I had to put in effort to achieve.” – Alexis Peterson
  • “You can be working toward ever greater accomplishments and not seeing those grades change very much.” – Alexis Peterson
  • “Rewarding that time and effort and investment in the process and being fully engaged is just so important.” – Emily Melious


  • 1:17 – How can our kids enjoy tutoring and test prep
  • 3:16 – Problems in the education system
  • 6:37 – The solution to a one size fits all approach
  • 8:05 – How to help tailor your kids’ education to their needs
  • 12:23 – Achieving a 1600 on the SAT
  • 17:54 – Imposter syndrome and maintaining a reputation
  • 24:16 – Strategies to help your kids improve their grades and test scores
  • 26:37 – Get in touch with Alexis



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