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52: Covid Vaccine Tell All | Sara Schumacher

52: Covid Vaccine Tell All | Sara Schumacher

covid-19 health Feb 23, 2021

Executive Director of the Washington Health System Foundation, Sara Schumacher, shares her personal experience with receiving the COVID vaccine, candid thoughts on vaccinating our kids, and predictions for our return to “normalcy.”


  • “The vaccine has not been approved yet for young children because they haven’t done enough studies and they haven’t done enough research on it. But regardless of what age they determine it will be, if it will be okay to give children a vaccination, my advice to everyone is to talk with your pediatrician, talk to the folks that are the researchers and make sure that you’re making an informed decision.” – Sara Schumacher
  • “It’s a struggle and it’s frustrating to be quite honest, because we know we have the need and we know we have the resources, but we don’t actually have the product.” – Sara Schumacher
  • “We don’t know, week to week, how many vaccines we’re going to receive.” – Sara Schumacher
  • “If it comes out that the trials are done and the research is done and our physician feels that it is something he recommends to have done, then we definitely would do that for the girls.” – Sara Schumacher
  • “One of the things that I think has been tough for me through all of this is that I feel like everyone is judging everyone … Everyone has a different situation and we just have to be respectful of the decisions that are made. And we don’t have to agree with them just like anything else in life, but we should respect other people and let the cards fall where they fall.” – Sara Schumacher


  • 1:31 – Getting the Covid vaccine
  • 4:11 – Should kids get the Covid vaccine?
  • 7:36 – Where can you keep up with the ever changing information?
  • 9:07 – Moving from one injection instead of two
  • 10:31 – How each health system determines which vaccine to use
  • 11:07 – The logistics of getting the vaccine out
  • 16:01 – Will the Covid vaccine become a regular part of kids’ vaccinations in the future?
  • 19:19 – Practicing what you preach


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