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53: How to Embrace Being Different | Andrew Komarow

53: How to Embrace Being Different | Andrew Komarow

autism special needs Mar 02, 2021

Andrew Komarow is a Certified Neurodiversity Professional and Financial Planner to those who think differently. Diagnosed with autism later in life, he shares how he’s succeeded by embracing his differences.


  • “I think one of the worst things I could possibly be is boring.” – Andrew Komarow
  • “We are all beautiful, perfectly capable, messy misfits in our own way.” – Emily Melious
  • “I really try to say, what can we accomplish, because accomplishing something in the right direction, especially when it comes to advocacy or anything political or something like that, is so much better than nothing at all, right?” – Andrew Komarow
  • “It’s not charity hiring somebody who’s different or with a disability or neurodiversity or a misfit, right? You’re really adding somebody who thinks differently, can add value to the team, and at the end of the day as a business owner, can also help you make more money, which is ultimately the goal.” – Andrew Komarow
  • “Rather than just say, ‘I’m autistic, I need help’, which I don’t even know what that means as an autistic employer, right? But if somebody says, this is what I need, or can you communicate with me this way, or can I show up to work an hour early? Say what you need rather than, again, the diagnosis itself, if that’s possible.” – Andrew Komarow
  • “In a weird way, knowing why I was different allowed me not to feel so different.” – Andrew Komarow


  • 1:11 – Being a misfit
  • 2:27 – Advocate for Autism Awareness
  • 3:58 – Meaningful & realistic adjustments
  • 7:02 – Advice for those in the job market
  • 9:49 – Autism and financial planning
  • 12:38 – Diagnosed with Autism later in life
  • 15:59 – Advice for parents of kids with autism
  • 20:39 – Connect with Andrew Komarow


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