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54: Multigenerational Autism | Lola Dada-Olley

54: Multigenerational Autism | Lola Dada-Olley

autism special needs Mar 09, 2021

Lola Dada-Olley‘s adult brother and two kids are on the autism spectrum. Lola shares how she went through parentification as a child. She draws on those difficult experiences as the “blueprint” for the mom she is today. Despite all of life’s challenges, Lola faces every day with joy and resilience.

  • “He has both autism and intellectual disability, but he enjoys life. He’s on e of the happiest people you will ever meet. I mean, the authenticity that he just cloaks himself in every day it’s just, it’s really beautiful.” – Lola Dada-Olley
  • “Learn that this moment is important. The present moment we’re in is important.” – Lola Dada-Olley
  • “Now that I’m older and the benefit of hindsight, I think what I went through was something called parentification. So I grew up to become the third parent in the household.” – Lola Dada-Olley
  • “Denial over a long period of time is the enemy of progress, not just for your family, for your child, for the future community around them.” – Lola Dada-Olley
  • “Resilience, I believe now, is a muscle that must be trained over time.” – Lola Dada-Olley
  • “If you live life too much in the ideal and not in the present, you miss out on everything in between.” – Lola Dada-Olley
  • 1:23 – Growing up around autism
  • 5:37 – Learning from a brother with autism
  • 8:13 – Being a mom to two autistic kids
  • 14:12 – Having resilience
  • 17:46 – Encouragement for those who are struggling
  • 20:50 – Get in touch with Lola


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