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56: Motherhood Unfiltered | Casey O’Roarty

56: Motherhood Unfiltered | Casey O’Roarty

covid-19 parenting teens Mar 23, 2021

Casey O’Roarty is an author, speaker, and parenting coach. She speaks candidly about parenting through the teenage years, helping her daughter manage severe anxiety, and coping with her husband’s cancer diagnosis.

  • “We all see the whole positive parenting umbrella and the positive parenting movement. What I love about Positive Discipline is it’s not an umbrella. It’s a capital P capital D, an actual philosophy based on theory, and a formed program.” – Casey O’Roarty
  • “We are all wired to feel a sense of connection and to know that we matter, and when connection is there and mattering is there, we show up pretty well.” – Casey O’Roarty
  • “Kids are great perceivers and they’re really unskilled meaning makers.” – Casey O’Roarty
  • “I work a lot with parents around how to be with the messy, how to be with the uncertainty, and how to be with the fact that our kids are actually walking their own path and their own journey.” – Casey O’Roarty
  • “That’s where relationship comes in because the most influential, powerful tool that we have for influencing our kids’ behavior is the relationship that we nurture with them.” – Casey O’Roarty
  • 1:02 – Becoming a Positive Discipline Facilitator
  • 3:01 – Key aspects of Positive Discipline
  • 8:28 – Testing on the parenting journey
  • 11:43 – Parenting a teenage daughter
  • 16:20 – Having a loved one diagnosed with cancer
  • 22:43 – Inspiration for the struggling mom
  • 24:21 – Casey’s book
  • Visit Casey’s website to find many of the resources she mentioned on the podcast!


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