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58: Sleep Training That Works | Melissa Doman

58: Sleep Training That Works | Melissa Doman

sleep training Apr 06, 2021

Certified Sleep Consultant, Melissa Doman, shares easy-to-implement and effective sleep training strategies that give everyone in your household a good night’s rest.


  • “For my special needs families that I work with, I teach them all about sleep deprivation and not getting enough sleep. It can affect the brain growth and development a lot of different ways.” – Melissa Doman
  • “I think a lot of parent that I talked to, their biggest concern is that they know they can’t be the parent that they want to be like, they’re so exhausted. They lose it at the drop of a hat and there’s guilt behind that too.” – Melissa Doman
  • “They know when they’re sleep deprived they’re not the best parent, they’re not the best partner.” – Melissa Doman


  • 1:03 – Why is sleep training important
  • 2:35 – The impacts of poor sleep
  • 7:00 – Tips for families to help your child sleep better
  • 15:19 – When to start sleep training
  • 20:47 – Get in touch with Melissa


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