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Mothers of Misfits
65: Parenting a Child with Juvenile Myositis | Jason Stafford

65: Parenting a Child with Juvenile Myositis | Jason Stafford

chronic disease juvenile myositis May 25, 2021

When Jason‘s teenage son started complaining about pain and muscle weakness, he figured it was simply “growing pains.” When Logan’s symptoms worsened, however, they knew something much more serious was going on. Listen as Jason and Emily talk about managing the rare condition of Juvenile Myositis.


  • “Nothing he experienced was typical of even JDM, so he’s a misfit within misfits.” – Jason Stafford
  • “I’m going to either find it or create that bucket challenge moment where JM goes viral. And there won’t be anyone that doesn’t know what JM is.” – Jason Stafford


  • 0:49 – Being a misfit
  • 3:41 – Logan’s story with Juvenile Myositis
  • 11:43 – Helping Logan through the diagnosis
  • 14:52 – What the future looks like with Juvenile Myositis
  • 18:43OneHope


  • If you are new to the JM world, Jason recommends searching for JM or Cure JM in Facebook Groups to find support.
  • Visit to learn more about Juvenile Myositis
  • Learn more about OneHope and their mission to give back


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