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66: How to Prepare for the IEP Meeting | Leeza Woodbury

66: How to Prepare for the IEP Meeting | Leeza Woodbury

special needs Jun 01, 2021

Leeza Woodbury has been through five rounds of IEP meetings for her 5-year-old son, and has many more to come. She shares her tips, tricks, and resources for managing the process successfully.


  • “This is such a big learning process for parents because the school systems, they do this all the time, but for us as parents, this is often our first time. There’s a lot to learn.” – Emily Melious
  • “The biggest thing that has helped me has been networking with other parents that have IEPs in our district.” – Leeza Woodbury
  • “There might be more options on the table, and if you have that understanding of what you want to have happen ultimately going in, you’re more likely to have a meeting that you’re happy about.” – Emily Melious
  • “This is what Mothers of Misfits is all about is just creating that community of folks who are right out there on the front lines every day.” – Emily Melious


  • 1:32 – Leeza’s son
  • 3:33 – What should parents ask for in terms of the IEP?
  • 8:04 – How to prep for an IEP meeting
  • 11:04 – What to do when you don’t agree with the IEP you’ve been given
  • 18:55 – IEP Resources


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