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67: Giving Our Kids a Nutritious Life | Jaime Ward

67: Giving Our Kids a Nutritious Life | Jaime Ward

health Jun 08, 2021

Jaime knew something was wrong with her health during her pregnancy, but couldn’t figure out what. After receiving a diagnosis of celiac disease, she turned to food as medicine. Listen in as Jaime and Emily discuss simple strategies to foster a nutritious life for the whole family.


  • “None of that was happening because I was just so incredibly weak and exhausted, and it was scary.” – Jaime Ward
  • “Within four nights of changing my diet, I was sleeping without a prescription medication.” – Jaime Ward
  • “For most of us, just making a change to the types of food that we eat and then counting the colors of fruits and vegetables and trying to hit each color of the rainbow every week.” – Jaime Ward
  • “Everything doesn’t have to be organic, but just learning as much as we can about eating as clean and healthy whole foods as much as possible is a really, really good first step and kind of a foundational step for everyone.” – Jaime Ward


  • 1:40 – Why nutrition is so important
  • 9:11 – What eating healthy really means
  • 15:39 – The connection between our gut and our health
  • 19:41 – How to set up a healthy lifestyle with your kids
  • 26:11 – Connect with Jaime



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