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69: Parenting on Your Terms | Ashley Farrar

69: Parenting on Your Terms | Ashley Farrar

add/adhd autism special needs Jun 22, 2021

Ashley was diagnosed with ADHD soon after her daughter was diagnosed with autism. After receiving conflicting advice from doctors, Ashley talks about her decision to trust her instincts as a parent and tune into her family’s unique needs.


  • “For many years, I was sort of told that it was anxiety and I shouldn’t even say sort of told, that’s how it was interpreted and explained to me that what I was going through was anxiety. And it was after, gosh, seven years, I finally thought, you know what? I think that there’s something more to this.” – Ashley Farrar
  • “I realized how much I was pretending in this world. I was walking through the world, trying to be who the world wanted me to be, to fit into the box that was expected of me and observing the way she walked through the world. I started realizing I have no idea even who I am.” – Ashley Farrar
  • “I for a long time, through maybe I was just not designed to be a mom.” – Ashley Farrar
  • “I relied so much on professional opinions when not all the professionals took the time to really understand what our family needs were.” – Ashley Farrar


  • 0:53 – A diagnosis for Ashley and her daughter
  • 2:43 – A journey of re-connection
  • 4:45 – Why seeking professional help might not always be the best path
  • 6:20 – Advice for moms
  • 13:35 – The difference between girls and boys with ADHD
  • 21:09 – Advice for parents who are operating in the constant stress and overwhelm mode



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