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Mothers of Misfits Podcast Episode 7

7: Parenting Kids with ADD/ADHD | Joop Stroes

add/adhd special needs top 10 episodes 2022 Apr 14, 2020


Emily talks with a colleague, Joop Stroes, about parenting kids with ADD/ADHD. Joop lends and interesting – and surprising – perspective on the topic.


  • “I see ADD and ADHD as a gift and a gift which needs to be unwrapped carefully.” – Joop Stroes
  • “If you look at school systems, if a child’s brain wiring is not seated with the methodology, teachers are saying you’re not good at this.” – Joop Stroes
  • “Rather than seeing what are the talents of these kids and how can we use these talents to learn the stuff at school, many are focused on teaching skills, gaining knowledge, and not on recognizing and developing talents.” – Joop Stroes


  • 4:16-5:58 – Why ADD/ADHD is a gift
  • 12:04-17:19 – A different schooling method
  • 17:24-20:56 – How parents can best advocate for their kids in the school system


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