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70: How to Foster a Growth Mindset in Our Kids | Andy Storch

70: How to Foster a Growth Mindset in Our Kids | Andy Storch

confidence positivity process Jun 29, 2021

Andy and Emily share practical ways to set our kids up for success in school and life by developing a growth mindset.


  • “I want to instill that in my kids to kind of keep this curiosity to always be learning. There is no end. There is no being an expert. There’s no ‘Oh, I already figured it all out so I can’t learn anymore.’” – Andy Storch
  • “There are certain things that we may never achieve, we may not be the best in the world, but we could always get better. We can always improve.” – Andy Storch
  • “The big difference is with a fixed mindset, we believe we’re either good at something or we’re not. If we fail at something, then that probably means we’re not very good at it and we should probably move on and try something else. Versus with a growth mindset, we can always try anything. We can always get better at anything; we can always practice and improve.” – Andy Storch
  • “Honor the effort, not the labels of ‘you’re smart’, because that can have some really unintended consequences.” – Emily Melious
  • “When you have big goals and you have a family, then I think you need to be a lot more careful with how and where you’re spending your time and be honest about how and where you’re spending your time.” – Andy Storch
  • “We’re all gonna make mistakes and fail as parents. Nobody knows what the heck they’re doing, but we just keep learning and growing just like our kids, right. And we’ll get better.” – Andy Storch


  • 1:40 – Bringing business and personal development lessons to kids
  • 5:25  – Always be learning
  • 17:03 – Developing kindness and compassion
  • 19:47 – Advice for new parents



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