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72: From Misfit to Millennial Entrepreneur | Brandon Fong

72: From Misfit to Millennial Entrepreneur | Brandon Fong

confidence entrepreneurship positivity top 10 episodes 2022 Jul 13, 2021

Brandon Fong is an entrepreneur, author, podcast host, and marketing nerd who always felt like a misfit. He shares how he capitalized on his uniqueness to be successful in life.


  • “Because I wasn’t given things and I was constantly challenged to have to figure things out, that’s how my entrepreneurial muscle had to get flexed.” – Brandon Fong
  • “I had a mentor that really taught me about the power of connection. She taught me if you asked for money, you get advice. But if you ask for advice, you get money. And so she really helped me instill the value of learning, how to connect with people.” – Brandon Fong
  • “I’m really serious about creating and changing this conversation about what really success means and that building businesses that have the core foundations of fulfillment at the core because at the end of the day, you don’t want a successful business. You want a business that brings you joy and happiness and fulfillment that allows you to build the life that you want.” – Brandon Fong
  • “The combination of my dad teaching me how to learn and really showing me what it’s like to constantly push yourself and grow at a high level, and my mom showing me the hard work ethic and what is required to win in combination with the fact that they were both into self-improvement.” – Brandon Fong
  • “I think that whether you’re an entrepreneur, or you’re a family that is looking to raise your kids with the idea that if they understand and fall in love with the process of growth, of the process of pursuing something that makes them happy, it’s not necessarily crossing the finish line that’s going to bring the happiness, but rather the pursuit of it.” – Brandon Fong


  • 2:49 – What being a misfit really means
  • 6:43 – What Brandon Fong is doing
  • 10:25 – Being an entrepreneurial misfit
  • 14:09 – Lessons from your parents
  • 21:25 – Millennial stereotypes
  • 25:26 – Get in contact with Brandon


  • 7 Figure Millennials
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