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76: Homeschooling on the Road | Katie Yakich

76: Homeschooling on the Road | Katie Yakich

homeschooling military wife Oct 12, 2021

Katie Yakich's motto is: "Don't take life too seriously." In 2021, she and her husband decided to homeschool their two boys. In true Katie fashion, they are homeschooling their own way, through cross-country travel and in-person learning experiences.


  • “We're just playing it all by ear and just going as we go and hoping for the best and primarily having fun because I think when you are having fun, your kids are going to learn. It's the only way they're going to learn their best is when they're enjoying it and having a good time and I just didn't see that them getting that out of the daily school right now.” - Katie Yakich
  • “The homeschool population has doubled in the last year, I don't think that it's totally crazy and you would not believe community that's out there and their resources that are out there now for homeschool kids groups and outings.” - Katie Yakich
  • “When you're homeschooling it doesn't have to be Monday through Friday, nine to three, like it can be any time. I know people who do their school day on the weekends and that's fine too, or do hours here and there. It doesn’t have to be a strict thing.” - Katie Yakich
  • “To say, oh, I shouldn't homeschool because my kids won't get socialized, that's not true. Cause they, they are, they're out in the public and with parents and little kids and older kids, and they really are, actually probably better off than being stuck in a classroom with 20 of the same people of the same age and one teacher the whole time.” - Katie Yakich


  • 2:48 - Jenny's Backstory
  • 6:59 - Allowing friction
  • 9:14 - Helping your kids see the opportunity
  • 12:26 - Choosing Unity
  • 15:01 - Theme of letting go and healing
  • 18:46 - How to get Jenny's books


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