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Mothers of Misfits
77: Navigating an Abusive Relationship | Jenny Landgren

77: Navigating an Abusive Relationship | Jenny Landgren

community instincts ups and downs of motherhood Oct 19, 2021

Jenny Landgren shares her painful and difficult journey of leaving a toxic marriage with three young children. Listen in as she talks through her process of forgiving and rediscovering herself.


  • “Teach them that it's okay to feel the emotions. That it's normal, that it's healthy, and covering them up, or lying about them, or trying to put on a facade... as much as our hearts might be in the right place in doing that, and trying to protect them, it might really teach them some unhealthy habits about how to manage the tough stuff in their life." - Emily Melious 


  • 3:22 - Signs of an Unsustainable Marriage  
  • 5:41 - How a Toxic Marriage Impacts Parenting
  • 12:11 - Navigating a Divorce with Young Kids
  • 14:40 - Parenting after a Divorce 


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