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Mothers of Misfits Podcast Episode 8

8: Quarantine Survival Guide: Practical Strategies for Homeschooling | Sterling Loucks

homeschooling top 10 episodes 2022 Apr 21, 2020


Sterling Louks, VP of Dynamynd, talks with Emily about the differing needs of children, particularly as to how they learn. When it comes to schooling, a one-size-fits-all approach does not work. Emily and Sterling provide practical strategies for making homeschooling (and #quarantinelife in general) a stress-free and positive experience for all.



  • “Every action, reaction, and interaction that we have is driven by the cognitive part of the mind.” – Sterling Loucks
  • “A person’s MO doesn’t change, so there’s so much value in helping our kids both identify this and learn how to harness their strengths as early on as possible, because those lessons are really served throughout ones lifetime.” – Emily Melious
  • “If you give them the goal, and they approach it, that gives them the freedom to approach it in a way that’s natural for them.” – Sterling Loucks


  • 2:07-6:46 – What is “MO”?
  • 8:01-11:23 – How to help kids learn in their innate way
  • 11:26-15:26 – Tips and tricks for Specifiers
  • 15:45-21:03 – Tips and tricks for Simplifiers
  • 21:43-25:17 – How to help kids who naturally create order and routine
  • 26:11-35:02 – How to help kids who don’t need structure
  • 35:20-38:39 – Tips and tricks for Experimenters
  • 38:41-42:18 – Tips and tricks for Stabilizers
  • 42:23-47:25 – Tips and tricks for Hands On kids
  • 47:33-50:42 – Tips and tricks for Conceptualizers
  • 51:03-55:02 – A big trend for students during COVID-19


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