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81: Parenting Advice from a Play Therapist | Gelly Asovski

81: Parenting Advice from a Play Therapist | Gelly Asovski

Nov 16, 2021

Gelly Asovski is a Child and family therapist, EMDR Consultant, and Registered Play Therapy Supervisor who specializes in play therapy. She shares why play is the answer to many of the problems in our homes. Emily and Gelly also talk through simple strategies for infusing play into our everyday lives.


  • “In the world of play therapy, different therapists specialize in different ages. That’s why I say I’m a child and family therapist, because if you come in at 10 years old and you don’t want to play with a doll house or in the sand tray, we can play games.” - Gelly Asovski

  • “If you're a misfit parent, you're super overwhelmed, we're questioning everything. We're not sure what to do next, but if all I need to do at the end of the day is spend time with my kids. I can do that.” - Emily Melious 


  • 1:03 - Play is the Answer

  • 3:40 - When to find a Play Therapist

  • 8:37 - What does playful parenting look like?

  • 16:22 - An offer from Gelly 





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