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82: How to Improve Our Kids' Self-Efficacy | Shaun Banks

82: How to Improve Our Kids' Self-Efficacy | Shaun Banks

add/adhd behavior confidence instincts raising tactile kids self-efficacy Nov 23, 2021

Shaun's entire career is inspired by his own misfits story. His mom always encouraged him to embrace his uniqueness. Now, as a Youth Performance Development Professional and Entrepreneur, he helps misfit youth do the same.


  • “When you're told that, that thing that comes so naturally is unwelcomed and wrong. And maybe even a medical diagnosis. I see so many kids... deeply internalize that.” - Emily Melious
  • “So when you have kids that need to be challenged, what you do is you give them challenges, positive challenges.” - Shaun Banks
  • “Our role is to help them learn positive outlets and positive ways to get out the energy. Because if it's not a positive outlet, it's going to be negative.” - Emily Melious
  • “Self-efficacy is the belief that you can do something. The belief that you can get it done, you can do the thing, whatever that is, you can become what it is that you want to become.” - Shaun Banks
  • “Self-esteem is ‘I am’; Self-efficacy is ‘I can do’” - Shaun Banks


  • 1:39 - Shaun's Personal Story
  • 4:17 - Embracing the "unwelcomed, disruptive, disorder"
  • 10:52 - The importance of self-efficacy
  • 17:20 - Success Stacks giveaway!
  • 23:05 - Find Shaun and his awesome products 


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