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84: Girls in Tech | Danielle Boris

84: Girls in Tech | Danielle Boris

confidence stem Dec 07, 2021

Danielle Boris has a bachelor's degree in tech, an MBA in entrepreneurship, and is the founder and CEO of a SaaS company. She talks about how parents can encourage girls and minorities to go wherever their dreams take them, including the tech industry.


  • “Family is so important. Having parents that encourage us no matter what, and cheer us on as we go down the misfit path is amazing.” - Emily Melious
  • “Our little girls, all of our kiddos need to hear: your questions are valid. What you say matters. You have a seat at the table. You're a contributor.” - Emily Melious
  • "I was told growing up that whatever I do, I should love, and it didn't matter to my parents. Whatever that was, it just mattered that, success to them was doing something that fulfilled you, and finding whatever that is. I´m incredibly lucky to have been raised in that environment, for sure.” - Danielle Boris
  • “You make your own way. You make your own opportunity. You make your future, you make life what you want of it.” - Danielle Boris
  • “The difference between stepping up and stepping back is, stepping up is essentially speaking up, taking action, being empowered in the way that you matter. Stepping back is realizing when you should be doing more listening than talking.” - Danielle Boris


  •  0:57 - Danielle's background as a misfit
  • 2:37 - How to encourage your girls
  • 10:59 - Encourage your kids to raise their hands
  • 15:57 - Knowing when to step up and step back
  • 19:42 - Connect with Danielle


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