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85: Financial Planning for Special Needs | Matt Oxenreiter

85: Financial Planning for Special Needs | Matt Oxenreiter

down syndrome long term illness special needs Dec 14, 2021

Matt Oxenreiter is a Certified Financial Planner and the founder of Midway Financial. He has 4 adult children, one of whom has Down Syndrome. Matt and Emily discuss practical strategies that can be used to provide financial security for all children, and particularly those with special needs.


  • “More than anything, we just wanted to make sure that our life and Charlie's life was not defined by down syndrome. We did not want that to be our identity. We wanted to be a family, have a normal childhood for my kids, and just go on with life but Charlie happens to have down syndrome.” - Matt Oxenreiter
  • “We're in the world of the selfie, where society has pushed us to having an identity that it's all about me, and our motto is it's bigger than you. It's not just about you.” - Matt Oxenreiter
  • “We want our children to be successful. And the overwhelming conclusion was that  we don't want our kids to be rich, successful. We want our kids, as adults to be happy.” - Matt Oxenreiter
  • “Our job as parents is to make our kids the best version of themselves and/or to foster that. Obviously they're the ones that are growing and developing into the person that they want to be. But that's when we win, when they're the best version of themselves and happy.” - Emily Melious


  •  2:25 - Matt's kids
  • 3:14 - Having a child with Down Syndrome
  • 5:28 - Normalizing Down Syndrome
  • 12:18 - Financial security for special needs
  • 22:09 - A letter of intent
  • 31:40 - Get in touch with Matt 


  • Get in touch with Matt Oxenreiter MidwayFinancial.com



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