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86: How to Recharge Our Mom Batteries | Gladys Simen

86: How to Recharge Our Mom Batteries | Gladys Simen

health mental health self care Dec 21, 2021

Gladys Simen is a Life Coach for working moms. Listen in as she and Emily discuss simple strategies for busy, maxed-out mothers to rest and recharge.


  • “Your children don't want the perfect mom. They want someone that loved them unconditionally and deeply.” - Gladys Simen
  • “So much like the battery in cell phones are mental batteries. There is only so much fuel in the tank, and no amount of wanting to do more, prepping to do more, actually allows us to do more. It is just a human limitation.” - Emily Melious


  •  2:39 - Why Moms de-prioritize themselves
  • 6:51 - If Mama ain't healthy, nobody's healthy
  • 14:30 - How to take time for yourself



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