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87: Effective Homework Strategies | Christina Forgeron

87: Effective Homework Strategies | Christina Forgeron

add/adhd education Dec 28, 2021

With a Masters in Education Leadership, Christina Forgeron has been an educator on three continents across grades 2-9 over the last 25 years. Christina and Emily talk about how to make homework time more effective (and with less tears!). 


  • "For the most part, education flows pretty smoothly in our home, but, on the days it doesn't, typically it's because I'm projecting some fear that I have for my future. " - Christina Forgeron
  • "Learning is actually one of the most empowering things that we as humans can do. You can't avoid learning. It is inherent in any success story. It is inherent in anyone who wants to move forward and have personal freedom." - Christina Forgeron
  • "It makes me think of, you know, in the growth mindset, the concept of adding yet to the end of a sentence. So we can encourage our kiddos who say, I can't do this... yet." - Emily Melious
  • "What I'm hearing is really the biggest threat to having peace and meaning in our child's education experience is framing it poorly." - Emily Melious
  • "The essential thing that works for children with ADD is structure and predictability as much as they don't want it." -  Christina Forgeron
  • "There's lots of ways to do it, Emily  and no disrespect to any way or any approach. We know our kids best. We are our own experts when it comes to our children." - Christina Forgeron
  • "That's exactly a thousand percent what this podcast is all about. It's not about telling people what to think or how to do things or any of that, but more hoping that they hear something that they can identify with and maybe some tips and tricks along the way that they can implement in their home." - Emily Melious


  • 0:18 - YouTube announcement
  • 1:48 - The biggest threats to a peaceful and meaningful education
  • 4:41 - Homework Strategies
  • 10:41 - Essentials for Children with Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADD/ADHD)


  • Download Christina's free eBook called 7 Tips for Reducing Anxiety Around Schoolwork. This powerful PDF guide will teach you how to:
    • Plan for success
    • Help your child organize their time and work
    • Honor your child’s need for movement while at work 
    • Much more!





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