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88: A Pediatrician's Perspective on Advocating for Misfits | Dr. Alisa Minkin, MD

88: A Pediatrician's Perspective on Advocating for Misfits | Dr. Alisa Minkin, MD

autism special needs Jan 04, 2022

Dr. Alisa Minkin is a pediatrician and mother to six adult children, one of whom has a rare diagnosis. She shares her journey of getting answers for her daughter, finding support from other parents along the way, and using her life experiences to become a better pediatrician.


  • "It's most important to look at what the needs are and get help for them. It's really simple in a way.  Her greatest needs really fell under the autism umbrella. And that was the most helpful diagnosis we got." - Dr. Alisa Minkin
  • "So it sounds like the best thing to do, really for any parent, in any situation, is to not let the potentials or hypotheticals or unknowns, haunt you and paralyze you, but just take what you know, and act on that and focus on the needs and act on finding ways to fill those." - Emily Melious
  • "There's a lot of uncertainty, but there is certainty. Certainty is an illusion." -  Dr. Alisa Minkin
  • "When you realize you're not the only one dealing with a challenge, there's power in numbers and it's also, you have to build that village." - Dr. Alisa Minkin
  • "I mean, that's what I love about your podcast, right? It's cool to be a misfit. Neurodiversity is in now, right? Why would everybody be the same? What's normal. Normal is boring." - Dr. Alisa Minkin
  • "I think what's most important is for the parents to trust their guts and stick to that, no matter what. You make that pediatrician listen, if you think there's something going on with your child and is not being properly addressed, do not let it go." - Dr. Alisa Minkin 


  • 0:41 - Alisa's Background

  • 2:33 - Why you should join a support group

  • 10:15 - How can parents advocate for their kids during wellness visits?

  • 12:01 - How should families choose a pediatrician?

  • 15:07 - How has being a mom made you a better pediatrician?

  • 17:01 - Where to find Alisa's podcastdd





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