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89: Succeeding in College with ADHD | Luke Gilligan

89: Succeeding in College with ADHD | Luke Gilligan

add/adhd college entrepreneurship Jan 11, 2022

Luke Gilligan is a sophomore Entrepreneurship major at Grove City College. He candidly shares his experiences of growing up with ADHD and managing his diagnosis - including medication - in college.


  • "School is a little difficult for me just to be able to not cope, but structure my brain as the school wanted me to. I did well. If I worked hard enough, I was able to learn and do it all, but I always found myself finding it difficult to learn." - Luke Gilligan
  • "If you think about ADHD, you immediately think you think about hyperactivity, outward hyperactivity, and running around. When you go in to transition to adult ADHD, it becomes inward hyperactivity." - Luke Gilligan 


  • 1:14 - What ADHD looked like for Luke as a kid

  • 9:13 - Transitioning between childhood ADHD and adult ADHD
  • 11:31 - ADHD and medication

  • 19:22 - Succeeding in college with ADHD





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