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Mothers of Misfits Podcast Episode 9

9: Parenting a Child Through Panic | Karen Passieu

anxiety Apr 28, 2020


Karen Passieu‘s world completely changed when her daughter suddenly couldn’t leave the house. Listen in as Karen bravely shares how she supports her daughter, Bella, in dealing with a debilitating panic disorder.


  • “I think that truly, my faith is what has, without a doubt, helped me heal and stay healthy throughout this whole process.” – Karen Passieu
  • “It’s amazing as you talk about the different struggles that you have in your life, just by talking about the struggle, the healing that you can get just by sharing and speaking to others about what you’ve been through.” – Karen Passieu
  • “We never in a million years thought anything with regard to mental health or mental illness. That was not on our radar.” – Karen Passieu
  • “No matter what your battle is, talk about it, because that itself is therapeutic.” – Emily Melious
  • “With a panic attack, there is no going about your business, where with anxiety disorders, you’re still able to work though it and go about your day.” – Karen Passieu



  • Karen’s Podcast: C50 Hope
  • C50 Hope website
  • Karen suggests sharing your story, finding a church, and finding a doctor or therapist to discover helpful resources.


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