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91: Making Family Photos a Positive Experience | Don Orkoskey

91: Making Family Photos a Positive Experience | Don Orkoskey

special needs Jan 25, 2022

Despite the smiling faces, a family photography session is usually a chaotic, stressful scene. The pressure to capture the "perfect shot" is amplified when your child has special needs. Professional Photographer, Don Orkoskey, shares how to make a family photograph session a positive experience for everyone.


  • "There's a lot of resources out there for photographers when it comes to working with kids with all sorts of special needs, for mobility issues to neurodivergence and I think matters how much they take advantage of that." - Don Orkoskey 


  • 4:00 - Challenges photographers face photographing special needs

  • 7:40 - Routine to help special needs families and parents deal with a photo session


  • - Clients who mention the episode will have their sitting fee waved (a $50 value).



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