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92: Parenting a Child with an Eating Disorder | Susan Landers, M.D.

92: Parenting a Child with an Eating Disorder | Susan Landers, M.D.

health parenting teens Feb 01, 2022

Susan Landers, M.D. shares her personal story of helping her daughter overcome anorexia. She and Emily also discuss the risk factors, warning signs, and treatments for eating disorders.


  • "So any of your moms listening who have a perfectionistic controlling daughter, high, strong, very sensitive, good students, really likes to be in control, watch what they eat and watch what they're looking at on Insta, on social media. Talk to them about food. Talk to them about their bodies." - Susan Landers, M.D.
  • "If we can't block the bad messages, we have to counterbalance them and have good, honest conversations about, you know, what's really the definition of beauty. You don't have to be thin to be beautiful." -  Susan Landers, M.D. 


  • 1:58 - Why teenage eating disorders are more rampant than ever

  • 5:07 - When do eating disorders show up

  • 12:50 - How eating disorders affect girls more than boys





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