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93: Raising Other People's Children | Debbie Ausburn

93: Raising Other People's Children | Debbie Ausburn

adoption foster care Feb 08, 2022

Having no biological children of her own, Debbie Ausburn has "collected" 7 children and 10 grandchildren. She speaks to the challenges and rewards of raising other people's kids.


  • "The importance of having grace, both for the kids, but also for ourselves, because no matter, who your kids are or how they got into your home: we're all just doing our best guess. A lot of the times, I mean, because it is a lot of just figuring things out when there's not a clear answer, we're just trying to do our best." - Emily Melious
  • "Part of the reason I burned out being social worker was, I was just dipping out the ocean with a teaspoon." - Debbie Ausburn
  • "Every child wants an intact biological family and they don't give up on that dream easily or lightly, having to lose that family, there is trauma." - Debbie Ausburn
  • "Sometimes we forget the distinction between we have to love our kids unconditionally and we have to make one way commitments to them you know, they're not adults. But our commitments are not unconditional. Our love is unconditional, but our commitments have to have boundaries. And if you think about it, there is no such thing as a healthy relationship without boundaries." - Debbie Ausburn


  • 1:04 - Becoming a foster parent

  • 2:35 - Parenting a child with trauma

  • 13:25 - Fostering even if you aren't the "right person"

  • 16:51 - Emotionally preparing to be a foster parent

  • 20:03 - Raising Other People's Children





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