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94: Mastering the IEP Process | Shelley Kenow

94: Mastering the IEP Process | Shelley Kenow

education iep special needs Feb 15, 2022

Master IEP Coach, Shelley Kenow, tells us what to expect in the IEP process and how to successfully advocate for our child's unique needs in school.


  • "Some people don't realize that the IEP process and resource can apply to a child who's anywhere outside of that average grouping. So if they have special needs, because they might be struggling or they have a disability or they have physical or emotional needs, but it could also be because they're excelling, they need to step out of their level of classroom and go to a higher level of classroom. Anywhere really outside of that average, whatever that means for your child." - Emily Melious
  • "If you know that your child is getting a lot of support from a particular grade level teacher or a particular subject teacher, you might still want to talk to them about having your child evaluated for special education. Because if a child is getting a lot of accommodations from one grade level that's really helping them be successful and access that general education curriculum, and then they go the following year and they're not getting those things, then they don't have the same benefits, but if they have that IEP that would carry from one year to the next year. " - Shelley Kenow
  • "You are the expert in your child. Hold on to that. Accept that. Roll into it. Do whatever you have to do to really be the expert on your child. Everyone else at the table is an expert in their field, whether that's administration, psychologist, the educator, the related service personnel, whoever that is they're experts at what they do. You are an expert in person that they are talking about." - Shelley Kenow
  • "My goal is to help everybody, making the world better for all one IEP at a time." - Shelley Kenow 


  • 1:13 - What is an IEP?

  • 4:12 - Where to start when your child needs something different

  • 25:33 - Who can you bring to your IEP meeting?



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