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96: Dealing with Food Allergies | Bethany Gettis

96: Dealing with Food Allergies | Bethany Gettis

health Mar 01, 2022

Certified Holistic Nutritional Consultant™, Bethany Gettis, talks about common food allergies and how to find out if your child has one.


  • "We aren't eating from the local farm anymore, where we're getting our milk from the cow that is eating proper grass and all that kind of stuff. We're eating and drinking from animals that are very stressed out. They're given a lot of hormones to produce, for example, milk." - Bethany Gettis
  • "If you're constantly eating the same things over and over again, you can actually develop allergies to them." - Bethany Gettis
  • "It's not always the actual food itself sometimes. It's what is sprayed on it, the way its been raised, what kind of tree it's from." - Bethany Gettis 


  • 1:40 - Defining a food allergy

  • 3:39 - Where do food allergies come from?

  • 12:18 - Best practices for exposing your babies to different foods

  • 14:44 - Next steps if you suspect your child has a food allergy




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